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As I was visualizing the ocean surf washing away the trauma in my minds eye, I noticed a positive sensation in my chest. Such peacefulness!

Lisa Chadwick

Naomi helped me with anxiety, stress and my breathing. I felt calm, a deep release of stress in my mind and a better understanding of the healing benefits of breathing. Naomi enabled me to relax, her voice is calming and I felt instantly comfortable within her presence. 🙏


Naomi is a wonderful healer with a great very calming energy. I left my session with her feeling more relaxed and at ease with greater clarity and focus.

Jared Prudoff-Smith

Did an energy checkup with Naomi and she intuitively knew where to check and clear without me telling her. It was amazing. I can feel she helped me create more space in my life for better things. I recommend her expertise. Thank you Naomi!

Miheala Bodea

"Wow, this is some powerful stuff. It would be a great added benefit to yogis doing a retreat and your questions provoke a lot of thought. Makes me want to get in the car and head to the coast."

EPIC Travel

Carla Petzold-Beck