Blue Space



Today we talk with JP about his latest venture Blue Space and how he brings wellness to the water. A platform that makes reaping the benefits of being near the water available to everyone! We also discuss his personal journey and the influence of “Blue Mind” science on our health.

Jean-Pierre Aramouni (JP) is the Co-Founder and CEO of Blue Space, a platform of mindful experiences elevated by the power of water. Previously, JP was part of the early growth team at Uber and UberEATs, responsible for launching the business across several markets, including London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Cairo, Casablanca and Nairobi.  JP also served as Managing Director at Tink Labs, the largest hospitality-tech startup, overseeing expansion in over 80 markets, and more recently served as VP of Market Expansion for Reef Technology, overseeing the launch of the business across 30 markets. JP is passionate about building companies that have a lasting impact on people, especially in the wellness, travel and hospitality space. JP holds a MBA from INSEAD in France/Singapore.


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