Home Sweet Noeta!



Meet Alexa, who went from a landlocked life to living on Noeta with her entire family! We talk about life on land versus life at sea, conservation, Mexico, raising kids on a boat, mariner slang and much more! Prepare to be inspired!

“We are a pilot, a teacher, a fat cat and 3 kids who sold our 4 bedroom house, got rid of most of our belongings and moved aboard a Nordhavn 50 (Hull #20). Follow our journey as we cruise the peaks and troughs of this exciting adventure from Seattle to Mexico through Rhode Island. On Instagram, Facebook and Youtube: mvnoeta” – Alexa Shanafelt

Some Boater slang from Alexa’s upcoming blog post:

“Noodle” – A group of 3 or more Nordhavn boats

“Bitchwings” – A gesture of throwing your arms out lie wings to signal another boat is anchoring too close 

“Beer Can Rally” – A recreational Wednesday evening sail boat race