Judy and Ricochet the Surf Dog



Judy shares her serendipitous journey with the surf dog Ricochet. How she raised her from a pup to be a service dog and how service became SURFice! An amazing story of healing, letting go, and divinity!

Judy Fridono is the Executive Director of Puppy Prodigies and Ricochet’s guardian.

Ricochet is certified therapy dog & part of a non-profit called puppy Prodigies. She provides emotional support & healing to kids with special needs, people with disabilities, adaptive surfers, wounded warriors, veterans with PTSD and more. She is rooted in the human-canine bond and dedicated to helping individuals grow in mind, body and spirit through the unconditional love and acceptance only a dog can provide. Ricochet also provides surf therapy & she’s in an IMAX film called Superpower Dogs that is currently showing on Hulu.