Judy and Ricochet the Surf Dog



Judy shares her serendipitous journey with the surf dog Ricochet. How she raised her from a pup to be a service dog and how service became SURFice! An amazing story of healing, letting go, and divinity!

Judy Fridono is the Executive Director of Puppy Prodigies and Ricochet’s guardian.

Ricochet is certified therapy dog & part of a non-profit called puppy Prodigies. She provides emotional support & healing to kids with special needs, people with disabilities, adaptive surfers, wounded warriors, veterans with PTSD and more. She is rooted in the human-canine bond and dedicated to helping individuals grow in mind, body and spirit through the unconditional love and acceptance only a dog can provide. Ricochet also provides surf therapy & she’s in an IMAX film called Superpower Dogs that is currently showing on Hulu.




Body of Wonder



Listen as Prue takes us on an adventure…traveling all over the world as a young pro surfer to working holistically in the ‘field’. Renew your sense of wonder and discover how fluid life can be!!!

Prue Jeffries, CMT, RCST®, RSME

“A pioneer and visionary of Women’s Surfing, Prue Jeffries spent two decades traveling the world on the Association of Surfing Professionals World Championship Tour, now known as the WSL (World Surf League). She is a published writer, editorial consultant, founder of a women’s clothing company, brand ambassador, event producer, and filmmaker.

Being with the ocean, nature and the creative flow of life informs Prue deeply. She has spent many years as a practitioner and guide supporting people with self-awareness and embodiment. Prue blends experiential knowledge from her affinity with nature, water, and movement, an understanding of the body from her athletic career, training in somatic and body-centered approaches with extensive life experiences and personal contemplative practices in order to guide and support people wholeness, well-being and unity. She is deeply passionate about the transformative potential of nature and art.

Prue is a Continuum Teacher, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Teacher, a Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME), Certified Massage Therapist (CMT), Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (BCST), Registered Craniosacral Therapist (RCST®) and founder of the Vital Dynamics® holistic awareness process. She is also Creative Director for Watermark Arts, an endeavor that supports art inspired by Continuum and Somatic Practices.

She brings deep presence expressed in a gentle and unassuming lightness that is informed by her extensive life experiences and devotion to personal contemplative practices in order to guide and support people in reclaiming their wholeness and unity.



Watermark Arts

Surf the Flow


Jazz Ro and Conscious Swimwear



Stoked to talk with Jazz in La Cruz Mexico, about how she got into the Bikini business, why she chose a beach centered life, running a business with soul and why its important to create quality garments… plus more….

“After studying fashion design at Unico AUG, I decided to start a brand of long-lasting bikinis. I spent a lot of time looking for the best providers and I found them.

We create garments in low quantities to maintain exclusive designs, comfortable and of the best quality, that allow you to look good and at the same time keep you moving without fear of it moving.

Jazz Ro bikinis last much longer than a conventional bikini, they are double view, quick drying and you can double use the tops as a bralette.”



Meditation – Supported by the Sea



Sit or lie down and Relax. Allow this meditation visualization to remind your body, mind and soul that it is always supported. Discover the power of your mind and float in the ocean anytime!

Next New Moon Sea Ceremony on May 10th 

Boundless Wave

Boundless Wave Telegram Channel


On The Water



Today we chat with Robyn about her book “Paddling Home”, her podcast “on the Water”, her career as an outrigger paddler, and so much more! Take a deep breath and get into the flow!!! 

Robyn Singh is an Ocean lover , paddler, coach , yogi, bodyworker, author, podcaster and facilitator of Conscious Dance events! Robyn helps to empower people to get into their own flow through her coaching sessions on the water and embodiment practices on land .

Growing up on the Gold Coast , Robyn found her way to Hawaii through racing outrigger canoes and was successful as an athlete winning 2 Na Wahine O Ke Kai Molokai World Championship. She has coached Hawaii Canoe Kayak Team, Outrigger Hawaii and Surfers Paradise Outrigger, and now resides in Noosa, Australia where she teaches and coaches paddling, teaches yoga and enjoys leading paddling groups on the beautiful Noosa River. How does it get any better than that?



“Paddling Home” Book

Home Sweet Noeta!



Meet Alexa, who went from a landlocked life to living on Noeta with her entire family! We talk about life on land versus life at sea, conservation, Mexico, raising kids on a boat, mariner slang and much more! Prepare to be inspired!

“We are a pilot, a teacher, a fat cat and 3 kids who sold our 4 bedroom house, got rid of most of our belongings and moved aboard a Nordhavn 50 (Hull #20). Follow our journey as we cruise the peaks and troughs of this exciting adventure from Seattle to Mexico through Rhode Island. On Instagram, Facebook and Youtube: mvnoeta” – Alexa Shanafelt

Some Boater slang from Alexa’s upcoming blog post:

“Noodle” – A group of 3 or more Nordhavn boats

“Bitchwings” – A gesture of throwing your arms out lie wings to signal another boat is anchoring too close 

“Beer Can Rally” – A recreational Wednesday evening sail boat race





The Beautiful, Creative, Ocean Obsessed, Ann Myra!



Stoked to have a long time friend and Beautiful, Inspiring, Creative, Ocean Obsessed Ann Myra to the Show! Her resiliency astounds me, and her creative spirit is contagious. Listen as she talks about overcoming cancer, surviving a near death sailing accident 70 miles offshore, healing from a brain injury, getting back in the water, writing children’s books, making music, growing gardens, surfing, her love for the ocean/nature, and staying healthy!!! 

Insta, fb, twitter, accounts: @annmyramusic

Websites: http://www.annmyra.com, mylittleorganicgarden.com, https://a-walton-teter.juiceplus.com/us/en





310. 562. 3860


Photo credits: Board shaped by Sonny Bentz of Sincerely Surfboards painted by Ann Myra

February SEA Ceremony!


Are you wondering what a Sea Ceremony is? Did you miss the last one? Do you want to practice letting go? Do you want to try your own Sea Ceremony? Well here you go….

Click on the link below and enter the passcode and you can Sea for yourself! Let us know how it goes…


Access Passcode: c!b8b8+W

Blue Space



Today we talk with JP about his latest venture Blue Space and how he brings wellness to the water. A platform that makes reaping the benefits of being near the water available to everyone! We also discuss his personal journey and the influence of “Blue Mind” science on our health.

Jean-Pierre Aramouni (JP) is the Co-Founder and CEO of Blue Space, a platform of mindful experiences elevated by the power of water. Previously, JP was part of the early growth team at Uber and UberEATs, responsible for launching the business across several markets, including London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Cairo, Casablanca and Nairobi.  JP also served as Managing Director at Tink Labs, the largest hospitality-tech startup, overseeing expansion in over 80 markets, and more recently served as VP of Market Expansion for Reef Technology, overseeing the launch of the business across 30 markets. JP is passionate about building companies that have a lasting impact on people, especially in the wellness, travel and hospitality space. JP holds a MBA from INSEAD in France/Singapore.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jean-pierre-aramouni-61276b3/

Blue Space: https://www.bluespace.co/

Blue Mind: https://www.wallacejnichols.org/122/bluemind.html