Creativity is essential to wellness, it is our birthright. We are all creative beings. Art is a way to transform our creative energy, express our inner most selves and communicate with the beyond, the subconscious and each other.

Naomi has been making stuff for as long a she can remember. It may have been a way to escape the trauma of a dysfunctional childhood and process the associated emotions. However, it has turned into a lifetime career. Once on her own she apprenticed with a custom furniture maker, was commissioned by The Milwaukee Museum of Art, and produced mixed media sculptures for Hyatt Hotels and other retail establishments. She was also introduced to film making by Stephanie Barber, and began producing her own short experimental films, combining collage and photography.

A brief career in prop making for The Minneapolis Children’s theater paved her way for working in the art department on various film and commercial shoots when she moved to Hawaii in 1999. This sparked a love for the photographic image and she switched to working as a camera assistant. She worked closely with Paul Chesley of National Geographic fame and David Ulrich, author of Zen Camera. Eventually showing her own photographic collections in solo exhibits around Honolulu. In 2011 she was featured in The Artists of Hawaii Biennial at the Honolulu Museum of Art.

With moves to France and NYC to pursue yoga, tantra, and wellness. She continued to evolve her eye for imagery and stayed inspired by the rich artistic culture of these epic places. Longing to return to a tropical ocean lifestyle she moved back to Hawaii and fell ill.

“Ulcerative Colitis” ravaged her life for a couple years with long stays in the hospital. In 2020 her colon was removed in a life saving emergency surgery. She now lives with an ileostomy pouch and spends time in Mexico transforming her collages and photography into digital assets and NFT art.