DREAM LIFE VISUALIZATION When Tuesday, March 16, 02:00 PM EST Duration 30 minutes Price$ 20

Link to the Next New Moon Visualization Ritual on March 2, 2022 https://www.8evolve.com/sessions/a26a18ac-fc89-4637-9f35-6bf19457443e

New Moon Sea Ceremonies are a ritual of letting go at the beach. We begin with a meditation to check in with our inner knowing and ask what it is we are ready to let go of, then write it down. Next we burn it away in a fire and take the ashes to the sea as an offering. The water transforms the ashes, and us. We write in the sand and watch it wash away, and sing , dance, shake it out in celebration. We close the ceremony with smudging, breath work and a guided visualization of your life now that you have let go.

Life is a continual practice in the art of letting go. This monthly ritual invites us to create more ease in the process and add more flow to our lives.

It can be just as powerful as an entire meditation/visualization and is now offered online free of charge on the 8EVOLVE app