A Smile is Contagious!


 On my way to the Beach this morning, I saw a woman drive by in her car Smiling, swaying, and probably singing away in her car. Immediately my lips lifted and a huge grin took over my face! Before I was even aware of it my body caught the joy and went with it. I felt uplifted. 

In my Biodynamic Craniosacral course we talked about how a smile connects us and tells each other we are safe and accepted. It’s a relationship builder and helps to settle the nervous system. Another study proved that just by changing your facial expression it could shift your mood. A frown or smile would start to shift your brain chemistry. So even if we aren’t feeling it we can smile and eventually our mood will catch up. Even a fake smile is powerful.

I believe underneath it all we have an innate propensity for peace and happiness. It is often clouded by conditioning, media, messages, and stories. A smile can be an essential tool at cutting through to a positive source within. 

Go ahead and try it. Smile at someone today. How did it go? Let me know below…

Smile and the whole world smiles with you!