Reflect On Your Reflections


This morning I was taken by the reflective surface of the wet sand. What are we reflecting to others? And what are others reflecting back at us? Are we reflecting the light of the situation or the shadow?

Imagery can be a fun way to explore this. I can use my camera to shoot literal reflections and I can also use it to explore these deeper questions. What kind of images arise if you pretend to be someone else, how would you reflect the world back at others?

Most of the time we are hard and even negative towards ourselves and when we check in with someone else we realize it was our own self that was unnecessarily being the critic. Others can be our mirrors. They help us see ourselves in a new or different way than how we see ourself. Taking a moment to reflect on our reflections can help us see more clearly.

Comment below and let me know how you see yourself? And how others see you?



More Seaspiration!

This morning while walking the seashore I noticed the birds and planes flying through the sky. Depending on my angle the bird and plane could look the same size. A plane looks so small against the clouds yet it is a giant machine. Then I thought about being in a plane and looking out the window… the cities become small and distant like a fake or toy Lego land. As a photographer I love to capture these images, and play with how we see things.

This led to the idea of PERSPECTIVE! How lucky we are to be able to change our perspectives. We can go outside take a walk. Go to the beach, or work on an art project. We can even change our mindset or mood with a couple breaths. We really have a great power to be able to shift our perspectives.

They key word is CHANGE it up! MIX it up! SHAKE it up! We have to move out of our narrow mind or shake up our stiff body or try on a new idea. A moment of discomfort can actually be the impetus for positive change. I encourage you to switch something around today. Maybe brush your teeth with your other hand or sit in a different chair than you normally do, go to a new restaurant or shop you’ve never been to, take a walk in nature, get out your camera or phone and start snapping.

Tell me how it goes…?

A Smile is Contagious!


 On my way to the Beach this morning, I saw a woman drive by in her car Smiling, swaying, and probably singing away in her car. Immediately my lips lifted and a huge grin took over my face! Before I was even aware of it my body caught the joy and went with it. I felt uplifted. 

In my Biodynamic Craniosacral course we talked about how a smile connects us and tells each other we are safe and accepted. It’s a relationship builder and helps to settle the nervous system. Another study proved that just by changing your facial expression it could shift your mood. A frown or smile would start to shift your brain chemistry. So even if we aren’t feeling it we can smile and eventually our mood will catch up. Even a fake smile is powerful.

I believe underneath it all we have an innate propensity for peace and happiness. It is often clouded by conditioning, media, messages, and stories. A smile can be an essential tool at cutting through to a positive source within. 

Go ahead and try it. Smile at someone today. How did it go? Let me know below…

Smile and the whole world smiles with you!